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Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Dear Roger,

You are absolutely right: Set 8027 of H. represents Austro - Germans with shako; unfortunately this is not one of the best set produced by H. I've used a soldiers of such a set, duly converted into a Austo - Hungarian infantryman, to make my own mold, (see my post on H. "General discussion", thread "CAD Nap. Hungarian renders" of February the 6th 2021).

As matter of fact I've been waiting for so long, and I'm afraid I'll be obliged to acquire white metal soldiers, for instance those of Art Miniaturen Zinnfiguren, which seem to be reasonably accurate and compatible with their 1/72 plastic colleagues.

I know, It's a sort o defeat to me, but what can I do?


Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Dear forummers and Adm,

It would be interesting to have a reaction from Strelets Adm. on the subject of this thread.
What do you think?


Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Dear Strelets Adm.

It there any reaction on this subject from your part?

Best regards.


Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Dear Giovanni,

our general intention is to eventually manufacture sets for all Napoleonic fractions in their major march-attack-shooting stages.
When you count them all, you will realise, that it can't be done within a year or two, hence certain patience is required to see them all done.

Best regards,


Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Hi Strelets.

That sounds fantastic for us Napoleonic war fans!!

Do these plans also include states such as Brunswick, Nassau, Holland/Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Baden, Westphalia, Saxony etc?

Kind regards


Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Forgot to add Hanoverians!! 😁 especially the green tunic field battalions & the stovepipe shako/cap wearing landwehr!!

Re: Nap Austo-Hungarians with Shako.

Dear Strelets Admin.

This are really good news for us, numerous Napoleonic wargames enthusiast.

Thanks a lot.