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Strelets figures in Redbox box

I just received a set of Redbox figures I ordered, including their new sets of Jacobite Rebellion cavalry.
In the two boxes labelled "RB72140 Jacobite Rebellion. British Regiments of Horse 1745", the figures don't match the ones on the box or the masters posted by Redbox on VK, and in fact are a perfect match for Strelets-R set 240 Garde du Corps. This set hasn't been released yet so I must be the first person to have received them! They are beautiful figures indeed and I'm happy to have them, just thought I'd let Strelets know (I have also emailed Redbox to let them know) to make sure this doesn't happen again, and I hope the remaining figures I ordered will actually be the right ones.
I am intrigued though - I know both Strelets and Redbox are based in the same country, does this mean they share the same production line?

I'm not sure how to post pictures here - if anyone can help me out with that I'll post some photos as proof.

Re: Strelets figures in Redbox box

Thanks for sharing this, Tomer. It sounds a bit like a 'nice problem to have'! I am keenly awaiting release of the Redbox 1745 cavalry sets, and also the next batch of Strelets WoSS cavalry, including the Gardes du Corps. Hearing that they have been 'released', even accidentally, is a positive message.

It does sound somewhat as if parts of the production and packaging process are shared. Not entirely a surprise, as this would make sense in terms of business economics.

Re: Strelets figures in Redbox box

A nice problem to have indeed! I was going to order the Garde du Corps set as well so no harm done, and I can confirm that the figures are beautifully sculpted, the manufacturing quality is good and they seem accurate as far as I can tell (WSS isn't quite my period, but they should come in handy for my SYW French army).

The Redbox cavalry sets are already being offered by some Ukrainian vendors on eBay, so I imagine they should hit the shops very soon. I can't comment on the British horse troopers as I got the Frenchmen instead, but I've already received two sets of dragoons and one set of Scottish cavalry, and they are very nice sets - I would have liked more men holding swords and fewer holding muskets, but that's the only minor quibble I have with them and it's just my personal preference.

I'm awaiting another shipment with more copies of the dragoons, FitzJames horse (seem appropriate for French line cavalry and perhaps those of some German states as well) and British horse (hopefully the right ones this time as my SWY Brits really do need their cavalry support!) - I'll post an update here when I receive them.

Re: Strelets figures in Redbox box

The problem was discussed here (in Russian): HARON wrote that the mistake was made at the very beginning of sales.

Re: Strelets figures in Redbox box

What the ... I want those Garde du Corps!!!! Been waiting for those forever! Just release them, who cares about the box art ... just put a sticker on it to clear up the mistake for God's sake! 😜😜😜😒

Re: Strelets figures in Redbox box

All very envious.

The new Red Box 1745 sets, let alone the Strelets WSS Garde du Corps, do not seem to have reached my regular UK supplier (Hannants) yet.

Re: Strelets figures in Redbox box

I too am planning to use theBritish Horse and Dragoons to bolster my slowly growing British SYW army. Quite some years ago I converted some Revell SYW Austrian Dragoons with a head swop and a lot of carving into British Light Dragoons long before the real thing became available. But still very pleased with my own efforts in this case.

Not looked up the history of the regiment but the recently (about 2 years) deceased Duchess of Alba had the surname "Fitzjames". Was this one of those Irish regiments that joined either the French or Spanish armies since war with Britain was always a possibility?

Re: Strelets figures in Redbox box

Pretty much. It seems to have been an Irish regiment raised by James II in France in the 1690s after his exile, organised and equipped as a regular French cavalry regiment, and was shipped over to Scotland in 1745 to support the rebellion. There's some more info about the regiment here:

I just looked up and it seems like the colonel was one Charles de FitzJames, James II's grandson through an illegitimate son (hence the surname FitzJames), from whom the Duchess of Alba was also descended, making Charles her great x 7 uncle or something like that.