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Re: Signalling a new week

Nice looking master. Russian jagers suitable for 1812 onwards? Look forward to seeing the other masters.

Re: Signalling a new week


The 110th anniversary of the Battle of the Berezina is just around the corner. Attempting it with a set of Russian Jaegers is a great gesture.

Fortunately, there were so many different units and uniforms in the Napoleonic Wars that there is still enough potential for new characters. I'm curious to see what else STRELETS will come up with.

Since we were already talking about the bridges over the Berezina river;

How about a set of French bridge pioneers? :wink:

Source: Painting from Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Collectie online, Amsterdam Museum., Free source:

Re: Signalling a new week

I'm with you on the pioneers.
In fact any of the more specialist men attached to the various armys.
Medical, engineering, British Royal Waggon Train etc.

Re: Signalling a new week

A great figure! Many thanks for it in the hope of a russian jaeger set which was missed hurtful in the Napoleonic range....

Re: Signalling a new week

A good news for me...but I really hope they' ll be a skirmisher and not on the march or at standing poses.

Re: Signalling a new week

Yesss! Russian Jaeger! I am jumping with joy. I do agree with my esteemed fellow hobbyist hoping that the poses will be in skirmishing and firing mode. That is what they were intended to do. Thank you Strelets.

Re: Signalling a new week

Fantastic news, finally some hopefully appropriate Russian Jaegers for the many battles of the decisive campaigns 1812-14.
Sadly, these essential & numerous troops were not really available in 1/72 till now. One of the most glaring gaps within the otherwise well saturated Napoleonics range.
Good to know that Strelets is going to remedy this shortcoming any time soon. :slightly_smiling_face:
I also hope for a further expansion of the major nations France, Austria-Hungary, Russia and Prussia.
3 different sets for main infantry formations each: marching, advancing/attacking and firing (with reloading poses & casualities).
1 set skirmishing for light Infantry and Jäger units. :wink:

Thanks for this preview and keep up your great work. :+1: