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Re: Friday Special Edition

What a lucky man...
That amazing view. Enjoy.

Re: Friday Special Edition

I have had the greatest pleasure at seeing this 1st hand today, its even better in real life than it is in photos. I was awe struck by its immense care to detail in both figures and landscape,buildings. If it goes on display again next year ill be there to see it again.
Absolutley spectacular!!!
Keep the great work going.

Re: Friday Special Edition

'Lucky man' P.J.! Your description is as I'd expect, having followed the development of this wonderful diorama on James' blog.

There's nothing like the real thing when it comes to dioramas (or wargames!), but a trip to Londinium is not in the offing (even post restrictions), so I'll content myself with the photographic version. Hopefully all those in a position to go to see it will. It has been a magnificent labour of love and dedication, initially by one person, more recently with input from many. Even more amazing, when one considers that there is more to come!

Regards, James

Re: Friday Special Edition

I'm very grateful to Strelets not only for this post but also for the chance to meet Mr Strelets himself at the NAM. The support of the company during this project has been outstanding, as has the advice, help and kindness of forum members. Very many thanks indeed to you all.

Phase 2 will begin once I've recharged my batteries - the French cavalry charges onto the British squares. Just to show we haven't been idle here are some squares already finished and some cavalry:

Re: Friday Special Edition

Most impressive! The squares look formidable, as do the long ranks of cavalry. I'm looking forward to Phase 2 of this spectacular project.

Re: Friday Special Edition

I never get tired of seeing these wonderfully made squares!! Using the teddy bear fur was a master stroke too!!!

Hopefully Strelets uses them as inspiration for producing more dedicated "in square sets" for Napoleonic infantry!

Regular British line infantry, Brunswickers, Kruse's Nassauers, maybe even some of the green tunic Hannoverian field battalions?

I would certainly say General that you & your team have worked so hard on this project, especially getting it ready in time for the NAM exhibition, that nobody would blame you all for taking a breather & recharging the batteries!!

Well done General Picton & the whole team of helpers.

Re: Friday Special Edition

General, you have covered yourself, and your men, with glory.

I echo the others' congratulations. Most impressive.