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Re: Why only the one?

Alan Buckingham
A little while ago I saw them either Drum and flag or model hobbies, they may have all been sold now, but it was only a few weeks ago. PS just ask Airfix to do the 1/32 set in 1/72 , that would sell.
I always wished they'd do that, too.

Re: Why only the one?

Dear Strelets, I have been trying to locate your U.S. Cavalry set 041 and it is nigh on impossible to find. Can't you please reissue it, or better yet, expand your Far West range to include several sets of Cavalry, as well as plains Indians, and other western subjects. I mean, that should mollify all of those who come here and mention the desert so often. Even more American Civil War cavalry sets could serve the western theme as well. You only have this one set in the Wild West section. There are real holes in the 1/72 market that you could fill. EVERYTHING that has been produced....even the Waterloo 1815 Cavalry and Indian sets......are extremely hard or impossible to find....which mens that they must be selling quite well. I know that I keep bringing this up , and I don't mean to be obnoxious, but producing them for our consumption would be a nice thing for you to do....and it would make me stop sending these groveling messages{:-)) Thanks and have a great week! Best be quick....there is only One.

Re: Why only the one?

Thanks gentlemen, I will check that out. Certainly underscores the scarcity.

Re: Why only the one?

Yes, very good recommendations, indeed!

In fact, for a Custer's Last Stand theme, Strelets has already made 2 General Custer mounted and dismounted poses in their ACW Staff sets. Plus there is a really nice officer looking through his binoculars in the ACW Skirmishing set. And of course the Set 041 Wild West U.S. Cavalry mounted set. These make for a nice beginning to this theme. Even 3 shooting carbines from their saddles with one hand. Very original and appropriate here.

I'd like to see Strelets make add-on sets of Wild West U.S. Cavalry with dismounted poses shooting both pistols and carbines. A horse holder for those in a firing line or early dismounted defensive poses on Custer Hill. Custer's Troopers didn't carry along sabres so no need to waste details on this, but have really nice shooting poses. And at least one downed horse with his Trooper firing from behind it.

Indians, please, and don't forget some nice Apaches, too for those wars.

Already a great beginning for the Wild West theme, Strelets. Please add to it!

Re: Why only the one?

I'd enthusiastically concur with the calls for Plains Wars/Apache Wars sets of both cavalry and Indians. Dismounted, skirmishing cavalry in campaign hats and warriors both mounted and on foot would be great.

Re: Why only the one?

I agree with all of you - Mr. Strelets we need this. By the way, Waterloo 1815 will be releasing a 1/72 scale version of their beautiful 1/32 Custer's Last Stand set soon (hopefully in 2022) - and note it's marked set #1 so more to follow...