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Re: French Line Chasseurs à Cheval 1813-1815

Good idea

Hollywood has Cavalry charging at full gallop but the reality was more of a fast trot, so as to maintain unit cohesion and control.

Poses with sabre on shoulder are good given we have the reserve/resting sets well covered and very much appreciated

Hungarian Hussars and Prussian Kuirassiers and Landwehr are the last major horse units not covered in 1/72 plastic. Perhap start with them as complements Strelets existing ranges

Keep up the good work


Re: French Line Chasseurs à Cheval 1813-1815

Count me in! I have been thinking about adding chasseurs à cheval de ligne to my french forces. The HAT ones, however, are indeed to small (and a bit basic in terms of sculpting and poses) while the italeri one's are way to big. The exact same thing could also be said about the Mameluks of the Guard: Hat to small and basic sculpting, Italeri waaaay too big.