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Re: More 3D printed figures

It'll be interesting to see what Bum do with 3dc printing and how prices will go.
I had a few of their sets in resin and I wasn't impressed!
As for 3d printing I did several sets of 3d printed figures on ebay earlier this year. The figures were mostly drivers, which I had a need of and the only ones I got, also tank riders etc if I remember rightly - I'll have another look later. I had doubts at first, but they were absolutely identical with no flash and they painted up nicely
As for 3d printing generally it may well be the way ahead. I use Butler's printed models for some AFV's nowadays and they're generally very impressive. They can print in any popular scale on demand.
There are a few more cottage industries producing 3D models and overall I'd recommend them, though they do have some limitations, especially with interior detail and removing excess plastic.
I'm about to order 3 Sdkfz 10 semi-tracks for my Afrika Korps panzer divisions. When updating them I found some ancient Airfix polythene bendy vehicles I should have replaced years ago - they didn't take paint at all well!
They'll have to be retired, possibly disposed of if anybody has a need of them!
Best regards to all

Re: More 3D printed figures

Great heads up....thanks! A lot that is interesting going on there. Seeing Jesse James in a pink jacket almost made me spit up my coffee
{:-)) I love all of the buildings and forts. I am going to have to get some of those.