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Re: Weekly Mail

While waiting for some Russian infantry in overcoat marching as winter is coming, I can predict a fantastic FFL ww2 heavy weapons set.
Carry on team Strelets.

Re: Weekly Mail

Some reel eye candy here. Before you are through I am going to have a 1:1 representation for EVERY Highland regiment in service during the Napoleonic Period. What a problem to have...

The Thompson gunner does seem a bit top-heavy; at the same time I wonder if that might be exaggerated by the angle of the camera just a bit? And the thought occurred to me firing a Thompson at full "Rock n' Roll" (our term for full auto) after awhile might bulk a fellow up. They kick like a mule. Even an AK or M16/M4 buck a bit - but the Thompson is like riding a wild mare on steroids in comparison. :wink:

Re: Weekly Mail

Does anyone have an idea of what's confirmed to be in the next batch of 12 or so new sets timed for Christmas?

Hannants have only 5 sets listed at the moment (all WoSS), and PSR have a large futures page list containing many old/abandoned sets, but not the possible new sets such as for WWII, I'm anticipating:

WWII FFL ("in attack and/or Heavy Weapons"?)
WWII 8th Army ("in attack?")
WWII Italian Arty
WWII DAK ("in attack?")...

Re: Weekly Mail

Looking forward to the next North African WW2 Commonwealth set but am keen to know - will there be a prone 2 inch mortar team in there ? There was not in the 8th Army Heavy Weapons' set and this platoon staple support weapon is sorely missing in Aurfix/Revell/Esci and Italeri plastic for this theatre. I am about to start a large conversion exercise (12 trams) using de-gunned Airfix bren gunners - do I need to do this Mr Strelets, or are you about to save me from this necessary chore ?

Re: Weekly Mail

Looking forward to the FFL but the tommy gunner does appear large and the gun itself looks too long.