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Artistic developments

Re: Artistic developments

Wonderful box art, the box art makes a difference , it can help painting, but it is collectable , why would you want tp throw away something that looks that good.

Re: Artistic developments

Another fine piece of artwork. As Alan says, these box covers are useful as uniform references, and make the box itself worth keeping.

Re: Artistic developments

Dear Strelets,

Who did this lovely drawing (painting?)? Is it one of your sculptors, did you commission someone, or perhaps a talented member of the family?!

Regards, James

Re: Artistic developments

Agree with Alan, Mark & James.

These box artworks are masterpieces in their own right. Simply wonderful work, worthy of being in an art gallery.
As an extra area of income, why not look into the possibility of selling these artworks as larger prints? I'm sure some people would love to have such work framed and put up on a wall.

These type of boxes help fire up the imagination just like the old Airfix box artwork used to, like the Avro Lancaster coming in to land all shot up and with an engine on fire. That box art was amazing to me as a kid.....still is!!

Much better than the photoshopped re-enactor type boxes.

Re: Artistic developments

Painted by a talented student of the late Liliane and Fred Funcken perhaps...

Very nice.