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Waterloo Remodelled

The Waterloo Remodelled exhibition will be at the UK National Army Museum from next Wednesday. Yesterday, I laid it all out in the garden to take advantage of a sunny day. The sections were Plancenoit, Hougoumont, La Haie Sainte, Papelotte and la Belle Alliance.

Here are some photographs:


More on my blog at:

30,000 figures in total, many of them Strelets!

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Just incredible! The natural sunlight makes it even more realistic. Thank you for sharing. I wish I could travel to see it in person.

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Really quite magnificent! The 'helicopter/hot air balloon view' of the various sections shows the troop-masses and the very finely-crafted buildings to particularly good effect.

I am hoping to see these in situ while they are on display at the NAM next week.

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

A beautiful model in a beautiful garden!!

Love how the natural sky and real trees blend in on the picture looking down the track to the gardeners house!

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

An incredibly impressive work, it's great that it will be on display for people to enjoy.

I can't help feeling that anyone who takes on and completes such a task must be slightly insane, if not before then certainly after!😆😆

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

truly excellent General, there aren't enough superlatives to do it justice, it is an inspiration to the rest of us Napoleonic wargamers and modellers, it is fun looking through the pictures (the natural light brings it all to life) identifying the manufacturers and sets the figures come from, good luck with the exhibition and lecture

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Incredibly impressive!

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Unbelievable... :astonished: :scream:

This is the level and the dimensions, i will never reach..:disappointed: