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Re: Suggestion

Yes I also had a problem when I tried to sell a couple of my kids. So much for a free capitalist market place:grimacing:
On a more helpful note as it is over 100 years old it is classified as an antique. Try Easy Line Auction. or any online Antique Auction House.
PS. never found anywhere to sell some of the kids internet went down the other day so met a few of the kids downstairs they
seem to of turn out OK.
Thanks and I giggled out loud.

Re: Suggestion

So say we all! Don't worry lads, they're on the way with kukris in hand...maybe in 2022?

I've always said it... a set of the type is missing

Re: Suggestion

During the second world war the Ghurkhas wore a helmet in combat so would look just like everyone else really.

Re: Suggestion

A good point Philip. In North Africa, and Italy more so. However, one photo seemingly in battle (see below) may dispute this. But in Burma, Malaya and the Far East jungles I would say mixed use, if not mostly hats in the jungle. Nothing to stop Mr. Strelets having a set with different headgear (see their Indian Army sets).

Also, the PSR review of Airfix set states: "The most distinctive feature of these men's uniform is the hat, the traditional Gurkha style, which has been nicely sculpted. Although in battle some Gurkhas would have worn a normal British steel helmet, this hat doubtless also saw action."

What will set them apart from regular British 8th Army soldiers with steel helmets would be that these chaps would have Nepalese features and be holding or waving kukris.


Re: Suggestion

just me but have always liked different headgear on allied troops. steel helmets just makes them look all the same as uniforms and field gear the same issue like the idea of being able to tell troops said above in some theatres soft headgear was worn also like the idea of troops wearing 1908 webbing as well as 1937

Re: Suggestion

There is as per my first post on this thread a good argument for at least two sets , as per the photo`s above, jungle and med , throw in heavy weapons and you have set three. I always quite liked the Airfix set because it almost ticks most boxed, even the size works with 1/72 as these guys are not tall.

Re: Suggestion

Exactly. Also, there's at least a 4th possible set - a "Command" set if you will...and you can picture a Japanese officer handing over his katana sword in surrender to Gurkha officers in such a set as in the photo above.