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Re: Friday Warning

More like what happens after too many deep fried Mars bars washed down with Iron brew, bad indigestion..... Now there are a couple of chaps there that grabbed my attention, the 8th Army infantryman advancing very definitely got the juices flowing , there is a man advancing under fire ! , cannot wait to see more, Rennie any one ? .

Re: Friday Warning-Saturday delight

Looking at this in the light of a beautiful, clear, Kambarang morning had me reflecting on just how marvellous it is to be presented, week upon week, with images of master figures from several sets (generally) covering two or more periods.

This week is no exception. Figures for Napoleonics, Second World War and ... (someone else will have to tell me if the French Foreign legionary is for that period or earlier). The highland 'extras' to go with the defenders that we saw in late August (as Roger said and I presume too) are quite wonderful. #Sigh# another set of highlanders that I will have to get—oh the first world problems...

As ever, thank you Strelets, these images are one of the many 'rose smelling' occasions of each week—enhanced by your playful 'storytelling', as Steve mentioned.



Re: Friday Warning

Not my period but I have to say that the 8th Army chap advancing and the Frenchman on the blower are absolutely fabulous looking figures. It's a pleasure just to look at them.

Now, about these two:

Zero tolerance for left handers is it? Seems a bit extreme.:relaxed:

Re: Friday Warning

Oooohhhh! Could that be the start of a WWII FFL heavy weapons set I see?

Re: Friday Warning

Graham Korn
Oooohhhh! Could that be the start of a WWII FFL heavy weapons set I see?
Fantastic, deserty and maybe in time for Christmas! Also, Mr. Strelets did not exactly say no to WWII Legionnaires on camels I note...