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Re: New Mule Train Set by Strelets!

A set with pack mules would be great. I need some for my New Guinea Aussies and my Burma Chindits.

So either a mule with loads appropriate for several centuries (maybe on a separate sprue)

or a separate sprue with several WWII handlers, one for each country (a US Soldier in Italy or Pacific, a German Mountain Trooper, a French North African Foreign Legionnaire, an Aussie in New Guinea, a Japanese in Pacific, a Brit Chindit in Burma,...)

or a sprue with loads and handlers for several eras. Only the mules are the same sprue (walking, standing, doing "muley" things).

All would be fine for me...

Re: New Mule Train Set by Strelets!

Exactly Arlin.

Or maybe small holes in the generic baggage on sides of the mules (like the camels), where you can attach (peg in hole method) weaponry or other items specific to the era of the set. These era-specific/unique parts would be on the sprue with the figures.

This way the same generic baggage mules can still be mass produced for use in each "different" set.

Re: New Mule Train Set by Strelets!

I feel deeply concerned by this subject or project and would like to contribute with some personal photos, my grandfather was Lieutnant in the french foreign legion before WWII, you can see him with his men (the officer on the left of the Fourth photo.

He landed in Provence in 1944 with french troops and was kill in Germany one month before the end of the war, as Captain of his battalion, received the Legion of honor medal for bravery.

Before WWII and until 1944 he was in many french colonies (Syria, etc), fought Rommel with the british.

If Strelets is doing such a set it could be SUPER !