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Austrian uhlans

Borodino, I liked these figures on facebook, but you have truly done them justice and bought them to life,the civilians too, 10/10 from me.

Re: Austrian uhlans

Dear 'Borodino',

I agree wholeheartedly with Alan, you have done a superb paint job on these lovely figures. The nines and tens from Plastic Soldier Review are well-deserved. (Gosh, that's three times now that I agree with the ratings there, what is going on?)

I like them so much that mine have 'pushed in' to the painting queue. They will not be a patch on your lovely specimens, but I shall enjoy applying the paint nonetheless.

Will you also put the images on your blog?

Regards, James

Re: Austrian uhlans

Agreed. Fantastic painting.

The troopers are fantastic & some of Strelets best work which as Alan has said, you have brought to life.

The...erm...."beasts" they are mounted on are brilliantly painted too. These are, in comparison to the troopers, not Strelets best work, but you have still painted them to a very high quality.

Top quality work from you so as Alan says, 10/10!

Re: Austrian uhlans

Wonderful work with a real ‘feel’ of the subject matter.

The horses, a continued source of woe on PSR have been given a reprieve by such lovely painting.

Best wishes,


Re: Austrian uhlans

Very fine painting and basing, and an inspiring sight. Well done Mr Borodino!

As others have said, the fine paint job on the horses demonstrates that, despite their not being the best sculpts, they can look perfectly good when presented in such an excellent manner.

Re: Austrian uhlans

Thank you all, i tried to do the best. James my blog is not up to date, I will take care of it this week.


Re: Austrian uhlans

Whilst arriving late to the party, may I add my congratulations to Borodinos splendid contribution. Again the bar has been set extremely high. However I think that Strelets missed out a bit by not including a sythe for the grim reaper....

Re: Austrian uhlans

Really fantastic painting !!!

You got more out of the thing than was actually in it. :laughing: :clap:

Re: Austrian uhlans

As usual Borodino, your work manages to inspire and impress. Great job. Sometimes a toy soldier is like an old saying we used to have in the USA - "if the barn needs paint- slap on a coat or two." All he needs is a coat or two of "paint" to accentuate the positive. Thanks for sharing your work again.