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Re: If

I agree that more SYW figures would be welcome; a range, in fact, as Strelets are producing for WoSS.

I also agree that WoSS figures do not, in most cases, make for good proxies for SYW figures, for the reasons given.

I differ only in that, for me, the areas to concentrate on are the equally important British and French.

This gets you:

(i) Some French to fight Prussians.

(ii) Franco-British conflicts on the Continent. Obviously there is the great set-piece battle of Minden and its campaign, but also deserving of the wargamer's interest is surely the British campaign of amphibious assault upon the French coast; "breaking windows with guineas"

(iii) The French-Indian War, to which we could add some Highlanders, Provincials, Compagnies franches de la marine in north American campaign dress etc

(iv) Clive in India. I've long thought that Mughal armies and Company sepoys should make and appearance in 1/72nd plastics. I appreciate that European infantry and artillery would form a minority in such a campaign, but would give us a start.

(v) Havanna, 1762, if you want to throw in some Spanish.