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Re: And now for something completely different: Lee vs Napoleon

I am in absolute awe of Michael. He shared a photo with me that did not make it into the video, of a wagon, parked by a field hospital, full of painted amputated legs that he had removed from old confederate figures that had become brittle. His creativity seems boundless. I couldn't help smiling as I watched this video.

Re: And now for something completely different: Lee vs Napoleon

That is a real spectacle and wonderfully-staged, James. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of members of this Forum.

The opportunity to play the 'what if??' in history is one of the great charms of wargaming and, indeed, collecting military figures.

One of the very first games I ever witnessed (at a tender age) featured Airfix AWI grenadiers assaulting a position held, I believe, by Airfix ACW Confederate infantry bunkered behind a Plasticine wall. At the time, crude thought this would be by 'modern standards, it made a great impression on me. Seeing this is partly to 'blame' for my pursuit of this hobby for the last 50 years!

All credit to those who 'push the boundaries' of historical reality.