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Re: Friday Bonus Teaser

I like this one more....

Re: Friday Bonus Teaser

From an old cannon cocker - well done!

Re: Friday Bonus Teaser

Thank you for the bonus teaser, and for all the teasers at that. Strelets is setting the standard here as far as customer communication is regarded.

WW2 Italian artillery crews are much needed, and have been requested for many years in all those whishlists. I applaud the decision to produce them. Can I please make some suggestions to help producing the "perfect" set:

The M33 helmet is different from the U.S. and Soviet helmets. It might be worth trying to sculpt one "perfect" helmet and copy it onto several figures (there are other heads with different headgear in the set).

Long trousers make the figures more versatile. Men in shorts won't help in Russia and the Balkans. Most photos I have seen from Tunesia 1943 show Italians in trousers not shorts.

Artillery shells are heavy. Last week's preview showed a soldier leaning a shell casually onto his shoulder which IMHO does not look realistically. I hope the two unfinished figures of this week will show the weight of their load.

Last week's preview showed a man kneeling next to an ammo box, but he remains in some distance from it which looks odd. Maybe he can still be moved nearer to what he is working with.

Kudos to Strelets for including men actually touching the gun!

Very much looking forward to buy this set. Regards, Pa

Re: Friday Bonus Teaser

The round the cannoneer is carrying in last Friday's Teaser appears to be a 105mm round. The US version we fired weighed in at about 35 pounds - or just under 16 Kilos. Even a heavier round, such as a 150 - 155 mm round comes in at just around 100 lbs (roughly) or 45 kilos fused (give or take a few - just estimating. I've carried those on my shoulder before, too - but not as lightly. On at least one occasion I found myself carrying an 8-inch round (around 200 lbs or 90 Kilos) from gun to gun one night. One wrong step and my back would be "gone." As it is, the memories linger on cold days.

If I was to make any changes to the fellow I might put the round a bit more balanced on his shoulder for ease of carrying; but if he's waiting to hand the round to the "Number 1" (on a US 105mm crew) man to ram, it's a perfectly reasonable pose for firing. I hope this helps.

I also think long pants would improve versatility of the figures. Of course, there COULD be a second set...

Re: Friday Bonus Teaser

"If I was to make any changes to the fellow I might put the round a bit more balanced on his shoulder for ease of carrying;"

Thank you Wayne, that's basically what I wanted to say but you put it better.

Re: Friday Bonus Teaser