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Re: Windsor and Newton Matt Medium

I second the wise words of advice from both donald and Steve here....and give credit where it is due to 'Ochoin', for his summary is pretty much what this Matt medium is intended for....or as stated on a well-known UK art material's suppliers website against this product:

'Galeria Matt Medium will give a matt finish and also maintain the consistency of the colour whilst improving flow and transparency. Colours will remain usable slightly longer when mixed with this medium.'

I very much like the technique to create white horses described by Steve here; looks very effective indeed!
My apologies to Donald and Minuteman.

Re: Windsor and Newton Matt Medium

The purpose of acrylic medium is to thin acrylic paint (artists don't use water). Which means that if it weren't for the fixative in your paint, coating with medium would be more likely to remove paint than protect it.

Re: Windsor and Newton Matt Medium

Steve Pickstock
Bob Richman
Accidentally bought Matt medium instead of Matt varnish to seal/protect painted figures. Is Matt medium also good as a protective coat?


As Minuteman said, it is isn't much use as a protective layer.

But it has its uses all the same.

I use the same brand of medium and make my own 'dirty' wash. I wanted something that was darker than a brown wash, but not as harsh as a black wash.

Mix the matt medium 50/50 with water and add a couple of drops each of Brown Ink, Black ink and odourless washing up liquid (to break down the surface tensions in the various liquids).

I used it on these white horses to shade them before I dry-brushed them with cream and white.

I misted the wash onto the undercoated models, using a little spray bottle, before leaving them to dry over-night.

I probably could have used them as they are but took it that extra stage further.

I'll give this a go, Steve.

It looks like an interesting idea.