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Re: Redbox 1745 Jacobite releases

The box art is lovely and the figures look good. Unfortunately, it appears that they\'ve made a mistake and are showing the same figures on both boxes.
These sets are looking very good indeed. Although the 'British Horse' figures were posted yesterday for both sets, the correction has now been/is being made and the Dragoons set can be viewed here:

The horses are, I believe, from the same 'stable' as the Strelets WoSS horses.
Same sculptor too, in fact hard to tell them from the WSS sets. Presumably the mitre caps are grenadiers, I presume only because I have previously not given it any thought.

Re: Redbox 1745 Jacobite releases

Fine looking figures indeed and really pleasing that they came out in the shortest of Haron's possible release times.

Who knows, perhaps the others will see the light of day before the end of the year too?

Regards, James

Re: Redbox 1745 Jacobite releases

Yes, they look excellent, and useful for the War of the Austrian Succession, but sadly while I am among Strelets' biggest fans their actual Jacobites are dreadful, and Redbox appear unwilling to produce their own - only Government troops (although with a paint job Government Highlanders make pretty good Jacobites).

Re: Redbox 1745 Jacobite releases

I couldn't agree more.

The Militia and Loyalist set is particularly useful for the Jacobites, including the English and Lowland regiments.

If you consider the Jacobites in '45, as opposed to '15 or earlier, to have been largely musket-armed in preference to pikes, the Redbox Government sets work well for them.

Still, we really do need decent 'clansmen' sets too. Perhaps Strelets could justify a 'Highlanders on the March' or 'Highlanders in Advance' set, armed with muskets and more useful to wargamers in allowing for figures that aren't charging at full tilt the whole time.

Very much welcome the British Horse and Dragoons. Bravo Redbox!