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Re: My ACW Artillery- Experiment

Superb painting! Well done indeed!

Re: My ACW Artillery- Experiment

Dear Gerd,

Both your historical accuracy and painting color uniform choices are outstanding. Thank you for sharing your hard work and story how you did it. So much fun to spend my free time enjoying it!


Re: My ACW Artillery- Experiment

I echo what others said - excellent and creative work.

Chris, Gerd, if you look closely, the third outrider is there. He gained permission to travel on the limber after receiving his wound.:wink:

Chris, what is the difference between the Revell and the Imex limbers?

Regards, Pa

Re: My ACW Artillery- Experiment


The Imex limbers are too small and box like.

I converted my limbers from Revell and made the Itallieri non sense into casssions.

The techniques are to be found here.

Best wishes,


Re: My ACW Artillery- Experiment

Hello Chris,

many thanks for the reply and the link to your phantastic thread on Benno's, gives me lots to drool over.

Best regards, Pa

Re: My ACW Artillery- Experiment

Hello Chris,

yesterday I spent two hours looking through your great documentation about your "Battle of Antietam"-diorama at bennosfigures-Forum.

Really another great project ... and your garage is once again the "crime scene" .... really wonderful work .....

PS: My "field marshal" would never let me have the garage.. :dizzy_face: :rage: