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Re: Mars Paratroopers

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

The Mars US Paratroopers are pretty good, but a little small to my taste. They would likely fit fine with the kinda short Airfix guys.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog
I seem to recall some debate about this set on 'A N Other Forum' that went along the lines of...."to be in the US Paratroops in WW2 you had to be of a good height (ie: above a miniumum of 5'9" or so), fine physical condition" etc etc.

No matter how hard Mars may try, they never quite seem able to translate their good 1/32 sets into good 1/72 sets. Detail is lost, and in the case of these US Paras, height also.

Basically...these guys are TOO SMALL. A shame, but there we are. And good though the Airfix US Paras are, they are 1/76 and, by 1/72 standards, therefore also too small.
You took the words out of my mouth. I snatch up their 1/32 sets when they come out. Usually, they go well with my old Airfix and Marx guys.

Re: Mars Paratroopers

Maybe, after a few jumps their backbones are compressed. It is really annoying in this hobby when a good set of figures are made either too tall or too short. My two favourite Napoleonic "Old Guard" sets are those of Airfix and Zvedza. Try mixing those together!