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Re: French Foreign Legion in Fort set by Strelets!

Those guys leaning over the parapet are dead guys from the movie "Beau Geste" - the movie that got many American kids of my generation enamored of the FFL and whole idea. It's hard to think it's been something like 25 years since Rick Conte made our dreams come true with his "Beau Geste" set complete with a Fort Zinderneuf and dead Legionaires (as in the stills from the movie) propped up on the walls to fool the Bedouins surrounding the fort that the outpost was still strongly manned. Conte did his in a more or less 1/32 scale. Superb figures. I missed out on the fort- just had no place to put it it was so large - but I stocked up on the figures.

Great old movie too- still holds up IMO.

I still have my old Airfix Fort Sahara along with their FFL figures and ESCI guys. Since Strelets had come out with their series I'm itching to "pull the trigger" and snatch them up - particularly their Arabs - enough great poses to build a decent force to oppose the Legion.

Re: French Foreign Legion in Fort set by Strelets!

I think its a superb idea. Why not have some FFL defending their fort?Maybe even add a corrosponding set of arab attackers/storm troops?

In fact, its an great idea for other era's too whenever a defensive position/siege was involved.

Could have, defenders (& attackers) of Hougoumont for example.

Plenty of instances throughout history where someone has had to hold a defensive structure of some sort.

Mark's idea of a battleset sounds a good idea too. Something similar to the Crimean War big box sets perhaps? Not sure if Strelets would take on large kits of forts, farmhouses or castles though.

But yeah, this sort of thing is a great idea!

Re: French Foreign Legion in Fort set by Strelets!

The best idea yet for the wonderful FFL Range. This Box Art is superb! Had me fooled until "wishful thinking."

My favorite Beau Geste movie is the 1966 version. It can be seen on YouTube and has many great pose ideas in addition to the poses suggested herein.

Yes, Strelets. A set with 100% fort poses would be wonderful!

You really got me excited there for a moment Baratheon with your outstanding Box Art Work. Thank you for the Monday fun!

:palm_tree: :camel: :earth_africa: :flag-fr:

Re: French Foreign Legion in Fort set by Strelets!


the FFL-uniform after 1919 looks a little bit different.

Good exmaple:

In the years 1912-1918 some units still have the old uniform, espacially the some have the new one.
But after 1920 the new uniform was standard.

And with this uniform its possible to give them light-MGs....because the FFL was newly equiped after the war.

Because after the end of the First World War there was enough equipment and weapons from disbanded units of the regular French army.
While the front units often still used the old equipment, the rear units were often already equipped with new equipment.
I have an experience report from a German legionary who served in the FFL from 1920-1925. And he describes that the soldiers who carried out the outposts and long-distance patrols were allowed to serve the "old stuff". While in the stage all soldiers were already re-equipped.

Re: French Foreign Legion in Fort set by Strelets!

I already have the Airfix Fort Sahara which I thought gave to much of an advantage to the FFL against those Bedouins that had so many mounted men (horses and camels). If the FFL are to have a fort then their enemies need something to give them a chance of winning or they will just be picked off by rifle fire.

Re: French Foreign Legion in Fort set by Strelets!

Obviously there is the old Airfix fort but Italeri also do a lasercut fort which is very nice. They sell it in a playset which includes their nice FFL and their rather strange Muslim warriors set, some nice Rab tents, campfires and stone wellls. The fort is made by Sarissa, I don't know if they offer it separately.

Re: French Foreign Legion in Fort set by Strelets!

Another thought for FFL and possibly other troops is a set representing soldiers fighting from trenches or behind sandbag emplacements or barricades. Even half figures that could plug into bases that represented the parapet of a trench, which some metal manufacturers offer could be a good bet.

Re: French Foreign Legion in Fort set by Strelets!

Hmmmm... :thinking_face:

Why not simply cutting their legs of... ? :hugging_face:

Re: French Foreign Legion in Fort set by Strelets!

I'd like to see a 'fort set'. Not worried about uniform or weapon inaccuracies. A Strelets Fort Sahara would be very, very cool... maybe some rule too?

Re: French Foreign Legion in Fort set by Strelets!

Because I think that is exactly how they would look, figures with their legs cut off! Properly sculpted they would interact with the parapet much more realistically.