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Re: Amazing paint job by Pascal Graillou

Rich W
I've started on some of these as General Mestre De Camp regiment
Mestre de terms of WoSS Flanders theatre of war, then a good choice! Mine are split between Rohan-Chabot and probably, also, Mestre de Camp.

Good though they look, dragoons in pale yellow/buff coats seem to be becoming a bit of a rarity by the time of the WoSS, although somewhat more common before this time (1680-1700). Reds, blues and (to some extent) greens prevail in 1700-1720.

Re: Amazing paint job by Pascal Graillou

Merci pour les compliments ,
Concernant ces dragon la tenue beige pâle correspond aux années avant la WSS ,d ailleurs ces dragons ont des tenues beaucoup plus proches du début du règne de Louis XIV que de la fin de règne

Re: Amazing paint job by Pascal Graillou

I’m a little disappointed by just how many of the dragoon uniforms during this period are red, as I was looking forward to stepping away from the endless red British and grey French infantry. I’m trying to recreate the dragoons in Blenheim and Mestre de Camp, Le Reine and Rohan Chabot are all red! Not so sure about Vasse, one source says red, but a couple of people online have gone for green. If anyone can shed any further light that would be great.

Anyhow, Pascal really has done marvellously with these!

Re: Amazing paint job by Pascal Graillou

I can understand the disappointment, Rich. Some nice yellow or green-coated dragoons would certainly look good amongst the defenders of Blenheim village.

However...according to the Letrun Histoire et Collections book on Dragoons (Vol1: 1669-1749) the 'Vasse' dragoons were also redcoats, albeit with green facings, breeches and cap (with red bag) and red saddle-cloths.

So it looks most likely that the entire dismounted brigade of dragoons in Blenheim were redcoats.

Incidentally, the above book indicates that the 'Vasse' dragoons only became this when the regiment changed hands in 1706, presumably having been re-built since the 1704 debacle. In 1704 this was the dragoon regiment Heron.