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Re: Re:British Firing Line Review - and another use

I'm debating on whether to make them a separate unit or mix them with my other regiments and battalions firing where they're differences won't be so glaring. A couple guys without bayonets won't be so out of reason mixed with a regiment. I know from experience even today there's always ONE guy who'd lose his head if it wasn't attached (in combat even that doesn't help sometimes). So a missing bayonet or two wouldn't be unrealistic if you're a stickler.

As I've said before, I'm tolerant to a point; particularly at this scale. Nothing that can't be fixed. If the figures weren't so well-sculpted or wearing Soup-bowl helmets or the officers firing revolvers I might be more upset.

Hopefully, Strelets is reading the critiques (they seem to have a habit of that) and future sets will be corrected before it's too late.

Re: Re:British Firing Line Review - and another use

Un petit bonjour de la France ! Je suis très déçu de cette boîte car il manque les baïonnettes aux fusils et des private à genoux dommage car la sculpture respecte très bien l anatomie,c'est un très bon sculpteur
Je constate une baisse côté Napoléonien il y a deux voir trois sculpteurs exemple les premières boîte britanic avec maintenant les chasseurs à chevals de la garde et enfin la ligne de feu ? Et en effet le premier sculpteur est passé sur la WSS .

Re: Re:British Firing Line Review - and another use

Roger W: "Luckily I do have a few Revell figures too."

The best british infantry was made by the Germans :laughing: :joy:

Roger W: "As I say, I look at the bigger picture. A customer shouldn't have to pay £8+ (here in the UK), and then do half of Strelets work for them just to make a set "useable". "

Yes, i absolutly agree with you...thats the point...and therfore i only bought one box of the Firing Line-Set, to have more different poses for my Hougoumont Defenders...
They are useful for me, if standing behind a wall or a firing from an window... and thats it.. :wink:

Yep as it still stands to this day, the best British infantry set made, was in fact made by a German company!
But then, why not?! Plenty of Germans wore the redcoat of the British army too, not to mention King George III was of the house of Hannover!!

Always puzzles me as to why Revell don't start up production & re-release their Napoleonics again. A quick look on ebay often shows their old sets going for silly money. They would prove popular sellers again I'm sure.