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Dramatic box art

I like checking out linear-a's website, particularly the 'new master figures' section as the combination of progress bars and regular additions of new and/or updated images make for interesting viewing. Today though was quite a shock. A bit of dramatic, impressionist art on the box of #028! It had the desired effect on me; a bit of a jump and a double-take :). Poor old Pyrrhus after the tile ‘fell’...

There have also been movements in the progress bars of other sets (from what I can tell). It's nice to see such steady progress of more fine figures in 'the pipeline'.

Congrats and thanks to all manufacturers involved with production of these and other 1/72 bits of plastic joy. Everyone is doing such a splendid job amid continued, extra-challenges to value chains.

Regards, James

Re: Dramatic box art

Not to worry, James.

Someone's clearly dumped a bowl of roly-poly pudding on the great man's head.
This isn't as bad as the time Alexander tried to eat a too-hot jaffle, nor when Hannibal sampled that snack meant for his elephants, forgetting his peanut allergy.


Re: Dramatic box art

This is going to be a real Pyrrhic victory!

Re: Dramatic box art

Keeping a very close eye on Linear A pipeline, dismayed to see that the prehistoric set is still on 8 when one of the phalangite sets has jumped to 9.