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Wanna hump

Dear Strelets,

The Monday teaser has been missing for the past few weeks and it is soooooo long until Friday (like forever), so how about a hump-day preview to perk everyone up mid-week?

Now, it could be a dromedary or other Camelus sp. specially for 'Murat', but I really like to see those Russian infantry in greatcoats in action-packed poses that I just 'know' you must have on the drawing board (and even the odd master for)? After all, the others were received to rave reviews and surely sold well—I bought a heap of them—so we'll use the 21st century approach that if I think it and/or it suits me it must be generally true, yeah?!

There's not much of hump day left here and very little over in NZ!

Regards, James

Re: Wanna hump

"Hump Day"....interesting phrase, rarely used in southern England but I think I get your drift there James.

As an optimist, I'm taking a view that Strelets are busy-busy preparing for a pre-Christmas release of a WoSS cavalry sets bonanza. In view of this, I am happy for a period of relative quiet so far as showings of new masters and sculpts are concerned. This can only be for the greater good:innocent:

Re: Wanna hump

Used in NZ/Australia to denote the middle of the week - from memory, James is from WA (Western Australia) for those of you from the Northern Hemisphere ...

There are some interesting other local terms (I'm think in particular of Tasmania) that no one other than locals would get.

Re: Wanna hump—hump day origins

I can't find exactly from where, but it originated in North America. Possibly derived from the idea of 'getting over the hump' as achieving a difficult task. As ever there are posts on the inter-web that claim definitive origins, but with no sources nor other evidence, putting it somewhere in the 50s or 60s (perhaps).

No doubt people from North America who look at this forum may have some more solid, etymological information.

Certainly one that is popular here in Oz.

Ciao for now, James

Re: Wanna hump

I reckon they're busy working on that lovely, comprehensive, secret range of Byzantines that I know they are just desperate to do.