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Re: Friday Teaser please

And, for those seeking to model Highlanders in defensive kneeling figures; although, let us be honest, there are plenty of kneeling Highlanders from other sets.
Strelets showed kneeling figures in a previous post:

I'm not sure about these, the proportions of the standing figures seem a bit off to me with the torsos being a bit too long. But this might not be an issue once the figures are painted.

A set such as this was the thing I was always begging manufacturers to make, it was right at the top of my want list. I don't really need them now because I decided to convert from the ESCI figs shown here:

But I'll probably buy at least a box of these because I think Strelets should be supported for making this set when others chose not to. They won't be replacing my dodgy conversions though.

P.S. I'm several figures short of the advancing pose for the Gordons so I bought Strelets' Highlanders in advance set; I think they will fit in very nicely. The command and pioneer figures are fabulous too. Thank You Strelets.:relaxed:

Re: Friday Teaser please

Graeme said;
"Strelets showed kneeling figures in a previous post:"

I think those masters in that link are for a set "in square", like the set Waterloo 1815 made.
These fellows are a highlander firing line I believe.

Wonderful Esci/Italeri conversions there Graeme!