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Federals and Rebs for Antietam

Dear Chris,

More great variety of character-filled figures brought to life by your excellent painting. They are gonna look beaut in your version of Antietam.

Another most enjoyable preview and excellent screen-side viewing. Thanks.

Regards, James

Re: Federals and Rebs for Antietam

Agreed. Wonderful painting.

Re: Federals and Rebs for Antietam

A fine collection of Federals and Rebs, very well painted and suitably muddy and grubby. Well done Mr Dodson! As James says, these should look great once placed in the outstanding landscape that you are creating for Antietam.

Re: Federals and Rebs for Antietam

Fabulous looking figures, as always. but putting them that close together is going to start a fight.

That's O.K. I'll watch.

Re: Federals and Rebs for Antietam

Really enjoyed the pictures. Great job!

Re: Federals and Rebs for Antietam

These Billy Yanks and Johnny Rebs are very beautifully painted. I really like the nice green color you used on the bases. Makes them look very "high class" and expensive, just like the toys soldiers I used to buy when I was a kid!

Thank you - GC