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Re: WSS generals

Who would want to buy five or six boxes to produce a convoy and then have 5/6 Marlborough, etc. Similarly, a dedicated commander box would only sell 1 per customer. I think that the generic officers in the cavalry, infantry and artillery sets will have to do.

Re: WSS generals

I have lots ,at one time dozens of Gordons , from the waterloo set, as it was the only way to get Egyptian infantry, only a few left now, the heads were swapped a long time ago ,head swaps are harder with big wigs but not impossible with some green stuff.

Re: WSS generals

Quite right Alan.

I have 5 Napoleons, 4 Wellingtons, 3 Bluchers, and 3 Pictons; I will probably acquire more figures for each of them. It has never once occurred to me that life might be better if I had no figures of Napoleon, Wellington, Blucher and Picton at all and I had to make do with generic officer figures that look nothing like them.

Obviously I only really need one of each but I see the extra figures as a bonus and they might just be useful. One of my spare Wellingtons will receive a huntsman's horn, I was hoping Torsten would produce foxhounds; perhaps someone else will (hint). Another spare Wellington could have been Somerset but I also have a figure for him. One of my spare Bluchers donated his pipe to my figure of Brunswick. With a sabre instead of the pipe and his moustache shaved off the spare Blucher became a generic Prussian officer. Providing Brunswick with the pipe meant that he could donate his incongruous silver top cane to one of my spare Pictons to give me The Duke of Richmond. Using the cane to turn Picton into Richmond means that if I ever want to model British paras at Arnhem, I already have the spare umbrella. How have I lost anything by having a few more personality figures than I actually need?

Each to his own but I just don't get the argument against personality figures that goes "Who wants four Nelsons?". well, I really want one Nelson, I don't need more than one but ending up with four would not actually be a worse situation than having no Nelsons at all. It wouldn't. Plus, shaving off a few of the larger gongs would give generic sea officers.

I think your idea for personalities with baggage carts is a good one. Another possibility for mounted personalities could be one horse with a choice of riders one a noted personality, the other a generic officer. This of course will also have it's detractors.

Re: WSS generals

Interesting that the feeling is command sets don’t sell. The ACW sets ended up very hard to find, and I would guess the Napoleonic sets were popular.

Using mounted officers from existing sets is possible, but then who would lead the units?