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Re: Escorting the Queen

Dirk Vanhuffel
Hey guys
The queen is indeed hidden beneath the canapy of the cart.
Queen Chrodegildis was the wife of Clovis ( 466-511), a merovingian king.
He was the first king of all the franks. He unite the Frankish tribes under one ruler and was
born in Tournai ( Doornik ) in modern Belgium.
The merovingian and (later) the carolingian dynasty are the founders of France.
Thank you Dirk. King Clovis I have heard of, but not his Queen. So, Thank You for the clarification!!

Did she survive this perilous journey??

Re: Escorting the Queen

Nicely done Dirk, if you want to add a suitable lady, then the Shrouded seated lady in the Atlantic/Nexus set would work costume wise for a Merovingian woman...

Could probarbly do with a civilian set for the early medieval era overall, particularly usefull for skirmish games...