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Re: What I really really want.- anything after WW2

For me I would like to see anything after WW2.

French IndoChina - FFL paratroops for Dien Bien Phu would be my first choice.

But I would also love to see more Korean War (especially Winter sets), Algeria, the many wars in Africa as well as the middle east (Yom Kippur with Israelis, Egyptians and Syrians or Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iraqis).

Re: What I really really want.

Haron has said that the sets at the top of my current want list, cavalry and artillery for the Jacobite Rebellion, will be the next release from Redbox. And my previous, long standing, No.1 want, decent Napoleonic Highlanders, I filled that gap myself by converting from the ESCI/Italeri set.

Which means I need a new No.1 want. It has to be Dutch/Belgian Carabiniers. In action for me, and yes, with decent horses. I realise that cavalry figures in action are just not boring enough for most folks here so if you cater to the majority I would prefer them to look like they're standing about looking pretty on the battlefield rather than the town square.

I would also be interested in some of the other things mentioned here; WWI Middle East, Sepoys, and Bardin uniformed French artillery and Dragoons.

Re: What I really really want.

A lot of people seem to have ignored the one set stipulation and talked about whole ranges for a certain war or era. If that was the question I would nominate Byzantines in numerous periods. However if it was one set I'd have to go with an earlier suggestion with the 1940 BEF.

Re: What I really really want.

A WoSS Camp/Waggon Train set complete with carts, horses, drovers, camp followers and soldiers at ease. A perfect supplement to the excellent and ever growing WoSS range from Strelets. Ideally, in a 'Big Box format, with a number of personalities on foot/mounted. Just the sort of thing that Strelets have been good at producing in the past, and bound to be very popular now too!!

Re: What I really really want.

Zanzibari forces from the 1896 Anglo Zanzibar War, or if that is not possible, Skinner’s Horse

Re: What I really really want.

WW1 Serbs for 1914-15 Infantry and Artillery.
Other Balkan Armies for Balkan Wars /WW1 as well as more RCW sets would also be nice.

Re: What I really really want.

OK...because you asked:

Spanish Foreign Legion in 1920

British, Scots and Prussian Firing Lines (with fixed bajonets) in 1815 :grimacing:

Re: What I really really want.

I am currently finishing off a number of Australian matilda tanks. First problem was to get a matilda in 1/72 in the UK. Had to order them from China as western manufactures seem not bothered to make not Commonwealth subjects!

The next stage was to get a few Australian figures to go with the models. The Airfix and Matchbox (reboxed Revell) look good for their age but unfortunately on 20mm and 22mm respectively (1/76). Will have to build the Aifix 1/76 matilda I have in my stash to go with the figures!

The Australian or Commonwealth (better not say Empire!) troops would be an excellent subject that is not being covered in 1/72. Especially good figures worth looking at are the Matchbox mule and handler and the Airfix wounded with leg in splint.