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Re: Infantry of Louis XIV contribution

Bon travail! Bravo! Pouvez-vous nous en dire plus sur l'utilisation du pic jusqu'à la fin de la guerre ?

Re: Infantry of Louis XIV contribution

James Fisher
I skimmed the responses and missed you photo Mark; they look fabulous.

It looks like you have put a sizeable force on the table already. Have you put them through their paces? If so, how did it go? Was it an historic action or made-up scenario. What rules/system do you use?

Regards, James
The 'sizeable force' is gradually growing, James! The Regiment de Picardie was the first full unit of WoSS figures that I completed and they have been joined by a number of other French and Bavarian units since then. I am playing 'catch up' with Marlborough's armies, with a fair number of units 60-80% complete and in need of finishing and basing.

I am not an active wargamer, although that is my background and 'pedigree' if you like. Were I actively gaming right now I'd probably join the hordes of Black Powder followers and advocates; I have the books, and very good they are too.

Re: Infantry of Louis XIV contribution

Greath job Minuteman.

Re: Infantry of Louis XIV contribution

I love those soldiers...bravo Graillou.