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What I really really want.

Over the years, from 2000) there have been many figures that I wanted to see in 1/72nd.
Thanks to HaT and Strelets and the erstwhile productive companies Italeri and Zvezda and lesser ones like Haron (Orion) and RedBox, my desires have been satiated.

But with every new set of figures cames more desires. e.g. those from the War of Spanish Succession I never thought I would be buying dozens of boxes of that conflict, and, wanting more examples of other nations in that conflict.
I could list all of those I'd hoped for that I thought would be in vain.
Ranging from Napoleonic Brunswickers and Austrian Uhlans, through Crimean British Heavy dragoons to WWI Australian Light Horse and Lawrence of Arabia.
WWI Askari, Camel Corps, and Arab rebels. WWII French and LRDG.

It seems to me that we only have to ask and people like Strelets not only listen but seem keen to fill our Christmas stockings.
I often wonder what I would ask for if that set would be the only new one I would request.

Perhaps my fellow Forumers would risk making a one only "What I really really want request".

Mine would be WWI Royal Horse Artillery team with Horses, limber and a 13 pounder gun.(Palestine theatre) I wouldn't necessarily need to have a camel with the set.

Re: What I really really want.

They'd throw in the camel as a bonus figure, surely? :joy:

Re: What I really really want.

One only?! Wow, that is a very difficult choice to make as there are at least a dozen which I really want to see made, which I view as equally important & necessary to me. So I am going to have to think this through!!!

I've made no secret of wishing to see Napoleonic infantry in poses suitable for making square formations & with the recent highlander masters, i'm hopeful of seeing more "in square" sets, especially the regular British Line Infantry.....lots of redcoated squares to make for Waterloo!! So I am hopeful Strelets has begun to cover those particular sets already.
So I need to choose a set that hasn't had any evidence of being planned so far.

So....if I was forced to pick only one set that really does need to be made, I would have to pick French foot artillery, post Bardin reforms (1813-1815).
I would love to see a large set with at least 3 guns & crews, 2 firing & 1 reloading, with at least a limber or caisson, but hopefully both, with horse teams included. I would like to see the horse team riders out of the saddle for a change, holding or attending to their mounts on the ground instead, rather than the usual of having them sat on their horses or limber. A bigger artillery set perhaps than is the norm for Strelets, but if it has all that, wonderfully made & accurate, I would happily pay at least £12-13 if not a bit more for such a set, much like the Zvezda big box artillery set prices.

So late war Napoleonic French foot artillery is my choice.

Thing is though, I was actually going to say I would really like to see Napoleonic British Hussars made, and could quite easily of chosen other cavalry, such as post Bardin reforms French line cavalry, like chasseurs, dragoons or lancers for the 1813-1815 era. Or even Dutch/Belgian carabiniers for Waterloo.
But unfortunately, due to the poorly sculpted horses currently being re-used, and the troopers being consistantly sculpted in poses that are not suitable for a more "frontline" sort of battlefield use, I had to decide against choosing a cavalry set, no matter how much I felt I wanted it, which is a shame.
If the Napoleonic cavalry had horses like those in the WSS cavalry sets, & trooper poses also like those from the WSS sets, either in action or in reserve but with sabres drawn ready, I would be chomping at the bit for more Napoleonic cavalry!!!

The WSS French late war Dragoons in Reserve is probably my favourite cavalry set ever & even though the WSS is not my era, I intend on buying this set once released!

Re: What I really really want.

Short and sweet just a new set of Winter War Finns

Re: What I really really want.

I really want a set of:
Jacobites infantry clansmen for Culloden...
US 2WW artillery with gun or howitzer ...
Afgan tribal warriors at horse and foot for the Big Game.

Re: What I really really want.

Like you most of my boxes are ticked, so one choice ,Durban mounted rifles 1879 , an obscure small unit, but can be painted up as lots of other small obscure units for the Zulu war it would fill the last big gap ,big being used fast and loose ,but I have wanted them for a very long time.

Re: What I really really want.

I have a hankering to fight Wellington in India.....troops for the Indian sides in the Anglo-Mysore and/or Anglo-Maratha Wars. Very difficult to convert from anything currently in productions and I need LOTS of them.


Re: What I really really want.

royal marines 1914 scots 1914. rough riders or post boar war british slouch hats bandolier kit would be nice but happy with whats turned out always a surprise or to so cool

Re: What I really really want.

i agree with Andrew, love to see Indian troops for the wars in India in the late 18th century and early 19th century, the sepoys could also be used in the Egyptian campaign

Re: What I really really want... is 'moderns'!

I always feel like I'm in a minority, but I'd love to see a proper modern US special forces set done – at this point, I don't really care which branch, would just be happy with any. Caesar have had a few sets on their 'future releases' list for years with none of them ever showing up. What would be really useful to be included (or as a separate set – even better) would be some in a sitting pose for helicopter or vehicle riding. An aspect of modern warfare rather neglected in 1/72 injection-molded plastic figures, apart from often hard-to-find and/or expensive Preiser.

I know the problem with labelling anything 'modern' in this hobby is that it becomes 'not-modern' very quickly (looking at you Esci, and for a while Airfix), but a US special forces set could be part of a larger range of a, shall we term it, 'Modern War on Terror' range. Or something. Whatever name gives us some modern special forces I'm happy with. Far-fetched pipe-dream? Well a year ago on this forum, some were lamenting that nobody had ever produced an LRDG set. Now thanks to Strelets we have two, plus a complementary SAS set thrown in. Never say never, perhaps?

Re: What I really really want.

The long promised Gallipoli figures ...

Re: What I really really want.

This is a hard question to answer as there are still soooooooooo many Id like, BUT
I think it would be a desent set of horses, either dead n injured, standing, trotting, cantering or chargeing, but NO saddles these can be loose very much like Fransnap.
But these horses would need as much time and patience taken over them as the figures are with good details etc.
That way i can bin all the rubbish that has come before.

Re: What I really really want.

Not sure there is anything I really, really want or need any more. Would quite like some 1800 HEIC Sepoys and some opponents but I have more than enough of everything now really thanks to Strelets et al and my trusty Milliput!

Re: What I really really want.

Yes - an Indian Sepoys set would be my one and only request

Re: What I really really want.

It would have to be British BEF.

Re: What I really really want.

I can't decide between Vichy French and Mexicans with sombreros - Viva Zapata

Re: What I really really want.

Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want:

(1) Seven Years War, by which I mean British and French for Minden and British and French for North America.

Obviously the former has lots of cavalry, equivalent to the excellent WoSS sets, and the latter has colonial troops. Plenty of infantry and artillery overlap in the middle.

(2) Eighteenth Century India: Oh, so 7YW British and French infantry and artillery again, plus HEIC Sepoys and native Indian armies

(3) Zigazig ah

Re: What I really really want.- anything after WW2

For me I would like to see anything after WW2.

French IndoChina - FFL paratroops for Dien Bien Phu would be my first choice.

But I would also love to see more Korean War (especially Winter sets), Algeria, the many wars in Africa as well as the middle east (Yom Kippur with Israelis, Egyptians and Syrians or Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iraqis).

Re: What I really really want.

Haron has said that the sets at the top of my current want list, cavalry and artillery for the Jacobite Rebellion, will be the next release from Redbox. And my previous, long standing, No.1 want, decent Napoleonic Highlanders, I filled that gap myself by converting from the ESCI/Italeri set.

Which means I need a new No.1 want. It has to be Dutch/Belgian Carabiniers. In action for me, and yes, with decent horses. I realise that cavalry figures in action are just not boring enough for most folks here so if you cater to the majority I would prefer them to look like they're standing about looking pretty on the battlefield rather than the town square.

I would also be interested in some of the other things mentioned here; WWI Middle East, Sepoys, and Bardin uniformed French artillery and Dragoons.

Re: What I really really want.

A lot of people seem to have ignored the one set stipulation and talked about whole ranges for a certain war or era. If that was the question I would nominate Byzantines in numerous periods. However if it was one set I'd have to go with an earlier suggestion with the 1940 BEF.

Re: What I really really want.

A WoSS Camp/Waggon Train set complete with carts, horses, drovers, camp followers and soldiers at ease. A perfect supplement to the excellent and ever growing WoSS range from Strelets. Ideally, in a 'Big Box format, with a number of personalities on foot/mounted. Just the sort of thing that Strelets have been good at producing in the past, and bound to be very popular now too!!

Re: What I really really want.

Zanzibari forces from the 1896 Anglo Zanzibar War, or if that is not possible, Skinner’s Horse

Re: What I really really want.

WW1 Serbs for 1914-15 Infantry and Artillery.
Other Balkan Armies for Balkan Wars /WW1 as well as more RCW sets would also be nice.

Re: What I really really want.

OK...because you asked:

Spanish Foreign Legion in 1920

British, Scots and Prussian Firing Lines (with fixed bajonets) in 1815 :grimacing:

Re: What I really really want.

I am currently finishing off a number of Australian matilda tanks. First problem was to get a matilda in 1/72 in the UK. Had to order them from China as western manufactures seem not bothered to make not Commonwealth subjects!

The next stage was to get a few Australian figures to go with the models. The Airfix and Matchbox (reboxed Revell) look good for their age but unfortunately on 20mm and 22mm respectively (1/76). Will have to build the Aifix 1/76 matilda I have in my stash to go with the figures!

The Australian or Commonwealth (better not say Empire!) troops would be an excellent subject that is not being covered in 1/72. Especially good figures worth looking at are the Matchbox mule and handler and the Airfix wounded with leg in splint.