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Re: Pavlov Grenadiers - Other Uses


- 7 Years War?
Up to you, Steve.

I personally wouldn't but a clever conversion could provide success:

Re: Pavlov Grenadiers - Other Uses

The best SYW use I can think of is to use the Italeri Grenadier heads to replace the awful, tiny pin heads that Revell put on the shoulders of the grenadiers in their old Prussian SYW infantry set. Other than that I am at a loss. The Pavlov grenadier caps are certainly not suitable in their original state as Russian SYW grenadier headgear.

Incidentally....for a unit that consisted only of two field battalions, it's interesting isn't it how the Grenadier Regiment Pavlovski seems to crop up in just about everyone's Napoleonic Russian army...

Re: Pavlov Grenadiers - Other Uses

Thanks for the suggestions. They may need to lie dormant for a while for now. Yes haha I already had enough but won't complain about having too many.

Re: Pavlov Grenadiers - Other Uses

With some trimming and Milliput I made some into passable dismounted Russian dragoons - it wasn't easy and they don't look great but they are OK at arms length.