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Re: Waterloo Diorama Exhibition 20-23 October

Dear Picton,

Thanks for the reply and the cautionary advice. I will send on my details to your Waterloo uncovered address.



Re: Waterloo Diorama Exhibition 20-23 October

General Picton
This is a long awaited dream come true, I will be going to the NAM to see yours and everyone elses work on this spectacular diorama. I just hope that the proximity to it isnt too great that the time and effort put into it can not be seen in all its glory, and they dont move you on to quickly that you cant take it all in.
Keep up the great work!!
Im awe struck!!!!!!

Re: Waterloo Diorama Exhibition 20-23 October

Thanks Philip, hopefully see you there!

Re: Waterloo Diorama Exhibition 20-23 October

Dear General Cowan,

I would like to express my thanks to you for the implementation of this project, which expands and supplements Siborne's work.
I am a big fan of this project. The way to London from Germany is a little longer, but I have made up my mind to pay a visit to your diorama in the next few years.

In 2013 I was able to see the wonderful diorama "Cröbern 1813" ( in Leipzig, which is now located in the city of Hannoversch Münden.
And your Waterloo diorama will be the second diorama highlight.
A wonderful project !!!