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Pickett's Charge

Dear Georges,

A fine tabletop representation. Your use of variable basing in size and number of figures works really well. The bases of casualties and pieces of terrain look especially good.

I am intrigued by the blank bases. Are they to represent losses, or terrain between the two lines?

An excellent bit of morning viewing, thank you!

Regards, James

Re: Pickett's Charge

Some very nicely-painted and based figures, showing some of the recent Strelets ACW sculpts to good effect. I particularly like the casualty and personality/commander bases.

I am also with James in wondering what the function is of the blank bases in front of the skirmish this perhaps a range marker denoting that if opposing troops (ie: their bases) reach this marker the skirmish line automatically retires or evades?

Great work, well done!

Re: Pickett's Charge

Very nicely done on every count. Thank you for sharing them.

Re: Pickett's Charge

Wow! What a treat. So many ACW Strelets show-cased here. Real eye-candy! Thank you.

Re: Pickett's Charge

Very nice indeed.

A good mix of the Stretlets figures displaying the great sculpting of these figures.

Super painting, well done.

Best wishes,


Re: Pickett's Charge

This is good stuff, isn't it?

A mix of Strelets old & new, re-creating the historic event & capturing the drama. This is why I love 1/72 figures.


Re: Pickett's Charge

Georges, Congrats on a fantastic job! This is why it is so fantastic to get multiple sets depicting a variety of figures from a given period. Your piece really shows what a creative artist can do with Strelets figures truly brings the event alive. When I was a teacher, I used 1/72 figures to activate the curiosity of my students for history. This is an example of why it works. Thanks!