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Re: American Civil War Cavalry sets

Alan Buckingham requests ...

"(1) made to the same standard as the WSS sets. What does good look like ?
(2) well for me an action set has troops firing pistols and looking like they are trying at least to aim at what they are shooting at, not looking another way,
(3) sabres used defensively as well as offensively,
(4) bugler with bugle at his side not permanently to his lips, he is in a fight too and will need to defend himself,
(5) horses that look as terrified as they should be ,
(6) the occasional casualty would be nice too"

All of Alan's comments are very engaging! Very, very well said. I would love to see both U.S and C.S.A. Cavalry sets following Alan's guidelines.

Thank you, Alan!
Thank you Strelets Team!

Re: American Civil War Cavalry sets

Mr. Strelets, Well, looks like I'm not the only one {:-)) I totally agree that whichever sculptor(s) working on the WSS sets should be commissioned to do the Civil War as well would be a dream come true. The bar there has been set pretty high. I promise to buy a brigade of everything, but especially with cavalry , as there are usually only twelve in a set, Strelets would sell a LOT of sets for us all to be able to build up the required numbers in our collections. Multiple sets depicting defense, charging, on the march, etc. for each side would also increase the sales and consumer interest. Seems like a win/ win for all.

Re: American Civil War Cavalry sets

Please give us ACW Calvary!!!!!