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Desert patrol DAK

PSR review is up, nothing to argue with there, looking foreword to more sets on the same subject, nice and deserty.

Re: Desert patrol DAK

I hope strelets do release more DAK sets starting with a heavy weapons set.
I also fancy a on the march set & a standing at attention set would be nice.:grinning:

Re: Desert patrol DAK

I agree with PSR about these figures really working well as rear area troops; however I could also see them as part of a motorized patrol dismounted from their vehicles. Get a truck or two, or even a hanomag and you have a patrol stopping either looking for signs or watching out for the SAS. Actually a versatile set usable for many scenarios. Kudos.

Re: Desert patrol DAK

I thought some of the poses worked quite well for on patrol.
The middle row as shown on PSR especially.
You have the guy with his hand outstretched as if hes "on point", telling those behind to halt. Then a few more of the poses work as those behind him. They could be going through a village or something & have heard movement up ahead.

Then as Wayne suggests, some poses will work alongside some form of transport/armoured patrol vehicle. Perhaps having stopped due to a mechanical issue.

A couple of poses are a bit more sedate for "on patrol", but they could still be part of a patrol, taking a breather while the officers/NCOs discuss their route or what their next move is after hearing a report about enemy troop movements.

A really nice set I think.

Re: Desert patrol DAK

Wayne, good thinking, I can also see them in/on vehicles (trucks, halftracks).
Regards, Pa

Re: Desert patrol DAK

Alan Buckingham
PSR review is up, nothing to argue with there, looking foreword to more sets on the same subject, nice and deserty.
Yes, definitely a heavy weapons set!
This lack of heavy weapons sets is a common problem - see my Tommies thread!
Hopefully, this will be addressed.
To my way of thinking the Afrika Korps Mortar Squad, good as it is, was a missed opportunity. Personally, I'd have much rather have an equivalent set to the 8th Army Heavy Weapons, with machine guns, some in AA mode, mortars, flamethrowers, anti-tank riflemen, radio operators etc.
Here's hoping..............
Carry on Collecting folks!