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Re: German field kitchen

I like these sort of sets, and I can see conversion potential with the axe weilding chap & the man with the ladle.

The chap with the ladle with a bit of work on his attire & swapping the ladle for a musket/rifle could be bayoneting someone below him or leaning over a wall to fend off someone trying to climb over.

Nice set anyway.

A work of art

The figure with the ladle is a work of art. It captures the moment in a perfect way.

The woodchopper and some other guys have odd proportions though.

I imagine this set will sell well within its niche, because the German field kitchen was used in WW2 as well (not sure about the French one).

Kudos to Strelets for proving sets like these which will obviously not be bought by the dozend but add nicely to what already exists. Regards, Pa