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War of 1812

As many of you may have noticed by now our hobby severely lacks sets dedicated to the War of 1812. I personally would love to see 4-5 sets focused solely on the United States army during this time period. Some American dragoons, artillery, infantry, and a rifle company would be a dream come true! With that being said, however, it will probably be a few years before Strelets gets around to such a project. So in the meantime I was wondering if anyone knows of any good substitutes/conversations that could be made to build an American army in 1/72 scale. After doing some of my own research I've found that the Hat Peninsular War British infantry, as well as the Strelets Napoleonic British infantry share many of the same uniform features as the American infantry of time. The only glaring inaccuracy I found was that of the backpacks. Would love to hear your thoughts and if anybody else has some input I would greatly appreciate it!

Re: War of 1812

Hi Asher,
You could probably add the Hat Waterloo Netherlands Militia and Belgian Infantry to your list of figures for possible conversions. I don't know how you feel about metal figures, there is a company based in U.K. called SHQ they have a range of War of 1812 Americans. They are a bit on the pricey side!
They do have Rifles, American Line Infantry and Militia.They also have Command sets as well.
Sadly, no cavalry sets or artillery sets.They're listed in the Kennington Napoleonic 20mm section.

Here is a link:

Paul K.

Re: War of 1812

Thank you Paul I appreciate it. I was never aware this range of figures existed. I'll definitely have to check them out.

Re: War of 1812

Dear Asher,

Have you seen Chuck Smith's "War of 1812 Wargaming blog" ( It's a beauty. He has compiled heaps of images of uniforms and so forth as well as details of actions and games. He has not been active for a while, but there is of great info. plenty there.

I'd echo Paul's suggestion of the Hat Belgians and Dutch militia for late and early American infantry respectively. I have used them with a few Airfix British thrown in. I have also used the latter (converted) as US artillery (with British guns). For militia I have some of the Imex Alamo and, of course, Strelets' lovely set. I have also used some of the former for US regs.

Strelets produced a fine set of Indians, as I'm sure you know.

For Major Plauche’s New Orleans volunteers I have used various French Imperial guard and foot dragoons.

For the naval guns at New Orleans, the Hat British sailors and guns.

For the Free Men of Color I have used a combination of Hat's Spanish guerrillas (the ones in the brimmed hats) and some French infantry.

I have not done any US cavalry, but would use British types (or Royal Horse Artillery riders converted) for those in a tarleton and either converted French dragoons, Airfix cuirassiers or Wurttemburgers for those in the horsetail.

I have saved a pdf copy of a really useful page of examples/suggestions that I got from the web some years back entitled "War of 1812 Using 1/72-Scale Plastic Figures" from 'The Wargamer', but it does not seem to be available anymore. I can email it to you if you get in touch.

There is also this thread on The Miniatures Page (

Regards, James

Re: War of 1812

After taking a look at Chuck's blog I must tell you how thankful I am for your recommendation James! Aside from that your other insights were quite helpful as well. And yes, I already have a few sets of Tecumseh's natives, and the American militia painted up. It just makes me wonder what else Strelets would be capable of if they continued to explore this war.

Re: War of 1812

I can recommend SHQ/Kenington figures as very nice metal miniatures, but as mentioned, they are obviously more expensive than plastic figures.

I also agree about the sets mentioned that work for conversions.

However I am someone who would like to see a dedicated war of 1812 range too.

Re: War of 1812

Several of the Imex set, the Alamo Defenders and the Lewis and Clark sets might work.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: War of 1812

I would dearly love to complete a Battle of New Orleans army & all we need are American Regulars 4 sets would get the job done; Dragoons, artillery, general infantry (with Jackson) & firing line would get the job done.

Re: War of 1812

Bert Fitzsimmons
I would dearly love to complete a Battle of New Orleans army & all we need are American Regulars 4 sets would get the job done; Dragoons, artillery, general infantry (with Jackson) & firing line would get the job done.
What about Canadian figures as the war of 1812 started in their country. Any one would think that it was a one battle war - New Orleans. No one has mentioned Fort Bowyer the last battle of this unneceesary war.

Re: War of 1812

Thanks for reminding folks about our part in Mr. Madison's War. Our American friends seem to forget many of the battles they won or lost were across Upper Canada (now the province of Ontario)and Quebec (then known as Lower Canada). Other commenters have covered all the conversions I used for my Brits, Canadian Militia, US Regulars, etc. However one set that isn't mentioned is the Italieri First Nations warriors. Athough designed for the AWI, it's a must have for most battles in this war.
The one unit that I have not been able to assemble is Gen. McArthur's Kentucky militia-style cavalry, in buckskins and round hats, which devastated British and native force at the Battle of the Thames and almost swept all the way across southern Ontario to potentially win the war in late 1813.

Re: War of 1812

I'm right across the pond from you Canadians in Rochester, NY, so no way have I forgotten the many battles fought on either side of Lake Ontario. I've walked down "Lundy's Lane many times. However, I figured the only way to get some interest was pushing the war's most famous battle.