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Re: Gallipoli ante portas?

I`m looking forward to these sets so I hope we won`t have too many years to wait.
Same goes for the WW1 Artillery sets that have been announced or shown.
There's still plenty of subjects to cover for 1914-18 and other conflicts in that era such as RCW.

Re: Gallipoli ante portas?

So sad for this...

Re: Gallipoli ante portas?

Thank you for your response, Strelets.
Nevertheless, I hope like some others that the Gallipoli-sets will eventually come in 2022.

Re: Gallipoli ante portas?

I will not be too unhappy for another year. At least we are talking about yearsnot decades! Still waiting for HaT to produce their French WW1 heavy weapons set and the BEF set. Must be over a decade ago that the former was announced.:rage: