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Re: Babylonians--a direct reply

These images of masters (thanks Peter) and subsequent discussion had me interested, so I contacted Caesar directly.

I received a prompt, courteous and direct reply that some of the out of production sets are available via their webstore (the minitoysoldier one). Unfortunately I already knew that the Egyptian chariots (HO24) that I'd quite like to get hold of is not amongst them.

I asked further about any possible new sets and again received a prompt, friendly and direct reply:

"Yes! If you want to make some new sets, we will help you. What do you think?"

From that I gather that there are no plans to produce new sets, but a production house is there.

Regards, James

Re: Babylonians--a direct reply

Thanks! I saw on Ebay (Deutschland's version) that five of the Neo-Babylonian guys were on sale from a vendor in St. Petersburg. They made it sound like they were some of the master figures for that announced set, and priced accordingly. I thought about buying them, but to be honest I am more interested in building formations rather than having five random figures of this and that for diorama purposes. But they are out there.

Good to hear that Caesar maintain at least a cursory interest in the hobby, thanks James. I actually have an idea for a 1/72 company or figure line in the future, but will place it on a separate post to see what you guys think... :sunglasses: