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Re: WSS Pikemen get an outing

Graham Evans
I spent Sunday morning substituting the pikes with broom bristles, and only succeeded in drilling the end of my thumb twice. The broom bristles are great. They hold paint well and have just enough flex in them not to bend out of shape in mishandled.

Ah yes, I sympathise. My thumb and fingers have been accidentally 'drilled' on quite a lot of occasions. This hobby of ours is not without its dangers!

Re: WSS Pikemen get an outing

Re the link: I first posted the link as a copy and paste. It should work now as I put the html tags on it.

Re: WSS Pikemen get an outing

An ‘ M3 ‘ steel washer makes a great hat for the early 1690’s , easily bent to shape with a pair of self grips and a small hammer.