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Friday or not friday

It's Friday, isn't it? :grinning:

Re: Friday or not friday

Sure is!!

Can't believe how quick the week has gone. Come to think of it, can't believe how quick the year has gone!!!!!

Soon be Christmas!!!

Re: Friday or not friday

It is friday but I think Mr Strelets should have a extra day off to rest after getting our new sets out in sutch a timely manor. :joy:

Re: Friday or not friday

Been very busy all day, this is my first look, I cannot believe what I am seeing, no new deserty stuff and its Friday evening already, tut tut, maybe Mr Strelets next update will have extra deserty stuff to make up for it ? .

Re: Friday or not friday

Nah. Theres a sandstorm. All the sand has blown up, so they can't see what they are making!