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Re: and one camper with mixed feelings!!

Dear Phil,

At the risk of 'telling my grandmother how to suck eggs'...

Do you twist or cut? I generally try a twist and if a weak point does not appear then cut. Like Steve, I leave a bit on the horse and then pare it back to nothing, rounding it off a bit in the process. It's all a bit of a fiddle, but barely visible pre-painting and unnoticeable afterwards.

Regards, James

Re: and one camper with mixed feelings!!

James - I always cut - perhaps I need to revise that for Strelets figures - not a problem if the gutters are on;y under the bases.

Re: and one camper with mixed feelings!!

"At the Risk of teaching my Granny to suck eggs"

For removing soft plastic figures from sprues, I use a pair of small side cutters as this will leave a stub on the figure which can then be carefully removed, if the figure is too close to the sprue I will cut the sprue either side of the stub connecting the figure to the sprue and then remove plastic as necesary with said cutters.
Finish with a robust sharp knife, often a small steel razor sharp kitchen knife, that I sharpen myself for the purpose using fine wet n dry on a flat surface, this should have a triangular cross section rather then a flat blade.

This is exactly the type of cutter:

The Knife any good brand will do but no flat blades:

I use this type of knife for a Lot of general craft work as well...


Re: One super happy camper

Thanks for the Buyer-reviews James, Roger and Alan. Always useful to hear what Forum members think of the new releases.

I'm just back from holiday (not camping!) and have an order on its way and hopefully due here tomorrow. Needless to say, the new WoSS releases are the main buys on my part - I have several sets of the dismounted dragoons, and then have also bought some of the artillery...mainly on the strength of the gunner figures, and despite the fact that I don't think 2 small guns is great value...but hey. I have also ordered the Russian Hussars, and will be going back for more of the Napoleonic sets: Uhlans and Chasseurs certainly, but not the British Firing Line...Roger has confirmed my reservations about this set. The order also includes the DAK set, which looks very good. I'll be buying some Goumiers in the near future, so thanks to Alan for views on that set.

It is only a 'dip check', but watching the likes of Hannants and Drum and Flag in the days/weeks immediately following a batch of Strelets new releases does give some idea of what is selling and how quickly. Current 'faves' seem to include the WW2 items, and the other deserty items, and the WoSS British artillery set. Also the Napoleonic Chasseurs set.

Anyway, more figures to add to the painting queue tomorrow, all being well!

Re: One super happy camper

I just put my order in. Looking forward to seeing them; I hope to get back to painting again soon. Been so many things getting in the way lately. I bought one box of the British Firing Line. When I see how well they blend with my other figures I might buy more and distribute them among the troops. As far as the forage caps go, I might have a use for them - even more of them if my research proves out.

Re: One super happy camper

What have you got in mind Wayne for the forage caps?
I did wonder about if redcoats in India during the period, would have had a much more relaxed stance on uniform....what with the climate. Especially those redcoats who were aligned to the East India company, rather than the regular army. Can't imagine a big leather thing on their heads would of been popular!!!

Then of course what about the non-kilted highland regiments? At Waterloo it seems the shako was worn (73rd had Belgic shakoes), but in terms of the Peninsular campaign...??

Re: One super happy camper

Non-kilted Highlanders is what I was thinking about; been digging through my old books to double check. I might do it anyway, what the heck - it's MY Army. Of course, I could always paint some in green and make them "Chosen Men." I already know who my Sharpe will be. LOL

Re: One super happy camper

Sounds good Wayne!!
Yes I think you would get away with using them for non-kilted highlanders. I'm sure I have seen somewhere some dressed as such for during the war of 1812.

Re: One super happy camper

Nice post, James.

The set I am looking forward to buy is the WW1 field kitchen. Lovely sculpts and lots of conversion possibilities (dressing station, artillery crew, engineers...).

Re: One super happy camper

My new sets arrived this morning and they are impressive in terms of quality of figures and production. Detail is crisp and there is very little flash on any of the figures. The two WoSS artillery sets are very good, and the guns are in fact somewhat better than the pictures here suggest, although lacking in some of the detail on the gun carriages; but the gunners are excellent. I'm impressed also by the dismounted dragoons, all very good figures and now at the top of the painting queue once they emerge from their soapy-water bath.

Well done Strelets!