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Re: Calpe Minitures

Good point Mark.

I do supplement my plastics with some metal figures from time to time.
Or if a unit or maybe a personality only exists in metal, then I will buy them....depending on how well they match up in terms of scale.

But whenever possible, I try to make the main body of my units from plastic sets.....its just cheaper.

I did read somewhere on the Calpe website that he is changing to digital/3D print. So I guess that is a move away from metal. Isn't 3D printing done using some sort of plastic? I dont know what his plans are, but if the 3D print thing is like how Speira miniatures operate, then he might if asked scale his figures down maybe?

Re: Calpe Minitures

Thankyou all for your input, as like most of you im all 1/72 plastic with a few metals thrown in plus quite a few spiera figures aswell.
Thanks again Phil