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Re: Pepe`s charge.

Absolutely wonderful work. Museum quality!!

Re: Pepe`s charge.

Beautiful inspirational modelling.

Thank you for sharing with us all.

Re: Pepe`s charge.

I must say Pepe's latest diorama is superb. I think I can make out a number of Airfix WW1 American infantry again...but would like to know what other figures have been used. Fabulous animation, painting and groundwork.

Re: Pepe`s charge.

@ Señor Bautista,
my compliments on your successful realisation of this dramatic scene and consequential thematisation of an highly interesting but unfortunately largely overlooked conflict.

Excellent work on both, scenery and figures. :+1:

Could it be that some figures came from Waterloo1815s WWI Italian Cavalry?

Thanks again for sharing your superb work, its explicitly contributions like this that keep hobby forums worth reading. :+1: