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The final is visible:

while some are sinking their grief in schnapps:

or marching home:

others are re-filling their tanks for a last stand:

and plotting intricate schemes to win:

Hard pounding this, gentlemen; let’s see who will pound longest :soccer:.(c)

Best regards,


Re: The final is visible:

Everything looking good so far, but ... wait ... another set of WoSS Infantry? My poor, poor wallet ... :cold_sweat:

Re: The final is visible:

One or two deserty sets there ....quite excited about Italians know with the final in sight...

Re: The final is visible:

Very excited about the Italians. Would really like to see a set of ordinary Italian infantry and heavy weapons. Some Folgore would be a bonus.

Re: The final is visible:

More intrigue, and it's not even Friday.

Good looking deserty figures, and the Italians are interesting; plotting, long range observation...what are they up to??

The WoSS marching infantry are also interesting, but what could they be? French, or Austrian. Or Danish? Surely not, as none of these are in the Final:blush: So perhaps 'Late War British [English] Infantry on the Wembley no less:grinning: :soccer:

Re: The final is visible:

... simply great what Strelets is offering us ...many thanks for it.

Re: The final is visible:

... simply great what Strelets is offering us ...many thanks for it.
I could not agree more; and they just keep coming!

Regards, James

Re: The final is visible:

I dont know about pounding longest Strelets, just make sure you start pounding more accurately!!!!!

Your team has been sending a few too many shots wide of the goal lately!!!!!! That is not championship winning form!!!!
Its half time currently & you have certainly received the "hairdryer" treatment!!
So hopefully you have listened to it, taken it all on board, & will now make sure you go out there to not just simply win.........but to win really well!

As for the football....may the best team win!! (But yes, hopefully England!!).

Oh and the desert figures look promising by the way!!! As does our schnapps drinking fellow!!

Re: The final is visible:

Dear Strelets team,
Does it count as the Friday teaser? 🙂🙂🙂


Re: The final is visible:

...and what about Tokyo Olympics? Some far east Chinese, Japanese and Australians troops must be in your future plans!!!

Re: The final is visible:

A great winning set of Italians.
Is that a WWI German?
Excellent WSS marching Infantry.
This is going to cost me a bit!

Re: The final is visible:

What? Deserty ww2 Italians and Germans ww1? No words needed but wonderful mr. Strelets!

Re: The final is visible:

Still excellent figures (again)to make us dream ... and for the Eurofinal, I wish everyone to see a great game and that the best team wins (I hope it is the Azzurri's team to raise the Eurocup at the sky)