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Re: Friday Post


Flambeau pretty much summed up my feelings on the matter but I will just add this.

The past is the past, it doesn't matter what sets were like back then, the idea is what we have today should be better. Regardless if its plastic figures to electrical goods to cars etc. We are now in a different century compared to when the Airfix Waterloo figures were made. You might be happy to go back to those days, but a good many customers wouldnt!!!
Yes Strelets listen about set ideas, the Napoleonic firing lines were an example. I was really looking forward to a really well thought out British firing line, but then it appeared and.....well, for me, Strelets may as well not have bothered. Sorry but thats how I felt upon seeing the masters. Just my opinion of course, but I am just a potential customer. If that is replicated among other potential customers, sales wont be great. That is why poor decisions and mistakes is a big issue for many, it can affect sales and thus, affect the company. Yes a button missing here or there is not the end of the world, but when the mistakes are actually for obvious things with uniform or equipment, it isnt good. I mean even if you are not sure of something, it doesnt take long to have a good search on the internet at least. Just do the research. We have to for painting purposes.
So in a way, yes a few of us are looking to the future....a future where we want Strelets to still be at the top of the game, not sliding into oblivion due to a tarnished reputation, like HaT or Italeri, as Flambeau mentioned. Not everybody who buys Strelets products comes on this forum or even perhaps looks at the PSR site. So if buying "blind", they could in turn get a few nasty surprises, something which could put them off a company.

As for being happy with what we get, jeez we are not little children!! We are adults paying for a product. I mean, are you saying when buying other things in life, that if you recieve an incorrect or inferior product, you just accept it and not go back for a replacement or refund?? Doubt most would. If I go to a hardware store because I want some white gloss paint, buy some, only to get home and find its matt grey in the tin, I dont just go "oh well I will repaint my woodwork in the house grey instead!! I take it back and ask for a replacement tin or refund!! If I buy some fishing hooks, get home and find they are all blunt, I dont then just use them even though they are next to useless!!!!
If somebody made say, a Mk1a Battle of Britain Spitfire but made it incorrectly as a biplane, a great many would want to know what the hell was going on. We would expect the Spitfire to look how it should do.
So why should plastic figures be any different? Sure little mistakes happen, but when it comes to blatently obvious ones, no excuses im afraid, especially if a company has already made sets of that subject correctly before.

Simple fact is, no Al, we dont just have to be happy with what we get, we can in fact just choose not to buy. Customers can just see that when not enough effort has been put in or lazy mistakes occuring, they can vote with their wallet. If they keep seeing it, then that companys reputation starts to become tarnished.

We are not talking about an isolated error here with a missing button or buckle, that wouldnt be a problem. We are seeing blatently obvious mistakes that were easily avoidable, with increasing regularity.
If those of us who care about historical accuracy just said, "oh well" and used them anyway, we may as well just change La Haye Sainte at Waterloo for the Alamo!!

Re: Friday Post

For a command set there are to many 98k carbibes.

Re: Friday Post

For a command set there are to many 98k carbibes.
Agree, but we don`t have much to go on yet, not a Mortar crew, we have them, artillery,but no gun, they look to to static,so probably not infantry, curiouser and curiouser as some one in wonderland would say...

Re: Friday Post

That's gonna be the weirdest set ever with all those guys together.
Must be the new time traveler set.
Maybe just toss in K-9 and Dr. Who and you are done.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: Friday Post

It is a desert patrol! I wonder how many desert patrols were there on foot. Did`nt they use motorcycles and armoured recon cars?

Re: Friday Post

Some very nice sculpting on show here, the cavalry being my favorite.

The DAK carbines seem very short to me. Maybe it's just the photo.

Re: Friday Post

I thought they looked a little odd too. Thought i'd wait to see if anyone else noticed 1st before saying anything. Otherwise it feels like i'm always the one pointing this stuff out!!

This sculptor seems to be the same that is doing the Napoleonic sets. He/she seems to do the Human form really well.....exceptionally well in fact, but uniforms/weapon accuracy seems to be an issue.