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Re: The perils of attic storage

hi James

i can help you out, any particular pose you want?

Re: The perils of attic storage

I seen the pictures of the damage over on the HaT forum so commented over there as well. Unfortunately I don't have any more Peninsular British spare, I used all mine funnily enough also on Hanoverians! Bremen & Verden for me!! If I do find any hiding somewhere, I will be sure to let you know.

If you dont want to use traps or anything that leaves you with mini corpses everywhere, try those plug in devices that emit a sound that only the mice can hear so keeping them away.

What about a cat? I knew someone who had valuable stuff being "miced" and he went to a cat rescue place and rehomed a cat! He got pest control, cat got a nice new family!

Come to think of it, I thought the Peninsular British were meant to be part of the last restock?? Haven't seen any for normal sale for ages now.

Re: The perils of attic storage

Our cat is too old and lazy to bother, and might cause more damage if let loose haha